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Welcome to Lake Stevens Energy Healing, I am so happy you have found me. In my practice, some of my goals are to assist you, healers and other intuitives at raising their vibration to create confidence with their own intuitive abilities. I come alongside my clients to dig deeper into what the Universe has to offer them, energetically and spiritually, allowing you to discover your own secrets for success and healing in your life. With assistance from Spirit Guides and Universal Energy, I help clients heal from past life experiences that they feel hold them back from creating their fullest potential. This 

approach has effectively fueled my growth and desire to assist others to heal themselves since I opened my doors in 2014. I'm thrilled you’ve decided to visit - please browse my website to dig deeper into what the Universe has to offer you through energy work.



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Monday - Thursday: 11:00 am - 7pm
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Originally located in Everett Wa, in 2014, I have seen over hundreds of clients around the country and with my clairvoyant and clairsentient gifts I love sharing what I have learned over the past decade with you. My commitment to quality Energy sessions, exceptional service and incomparable customer care keeps my community coming back again and again. I never stops improving, and I'm continuing to expand what I offer based on how I can best serve my clients personal energetic needs.

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Word of Mouth

I would like to share a handful of testimonials from my generous clients who have recieve sessions from me. Lake Stevens Energy Healing is dedicated to exceptional customer care, and will always go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied with your Energy Healing sessions. If you’ve had experience with LSEH and have feedback, please get in touch - I'd love to hear from you.


Lauri Logan

Jaime is truly gifted and an highly skilled healer. I have never had reiki before and am totally blown away with the change that has occurred after only two sessions. I had been struggling with sciatica, extremely low energy and felt like I wasn't grounded. I am happy to say that this has all been resolved! For the first time in years I have been able to put in a long day at work, go to the gym and still have energy to accomplish what I need to at home - total opposite of where I was before. I am losing weight, feel happy and grounded. As a side note - this was all done long distance, not in person. If you are not in the Seattle area you are not out of luck - I live in Arizona and all of this was done without having to be there in person. Truly amazing for me and am a huge fan!
Thank you so much Jaime!
Lauri.  2018


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