And Freedom

When Jupiter and Saturn moved into the Air sign of Aquarius around December 21, 2020, and Pluto joining up in 2023, it is all about Air. Or better yet, taking away boundary's and dated ideas to create more Freedom from old organizations. Giving yourself the grace to step away from habits, ideas, jobs and relationships that keep you stuck in the same patterns. And keeping with the theme of freedom, I am now offering one-on-one classes to take at your own pace. To have the freedom to sign up for a class when you really feel the desire to learn something new or need of extra support while living in our ever-changing world. This would be the place for you. 

​Having the desire to learn more about the following?

    ~ Energy with Love Relationships

    ~ Astrology

    ~ Healing the Chakras and Energy Field

    ~ History of Lumeria and Atlantis

    ~ Working With the 5 Elements 

    ~ Creating a Psychic Vocabulary

    ~ Crystal Work

    ~ Mediumship

    ~ Connecting and Working With Spirit 

    ~ Working With The Moon Phases   

    ~ Reiki Classes 

    ~ Karuna Reiki® Classes 

    ~ Easy Tips for Self Meditation

    ~ And more!

​When your interested and feel the need to dive deeper into your intuitive abilities contact Jaime Todd, at 206-432-5124. 

Email:, or

message her on Facebook.