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Hands On

I want my clients to experience a confident level of professionalism when working with Lake Stevens Energy Healing and during your time with me. You can trust that your session will personally conform to you. After the session, you will leave feeling light, stress free and have a plan to support you forward on.

Energy Healing Sessions - $165.00/hourly

For a hands-on session, with the support from Universe and Guides, I work on your main Chakras, Sub-Chakras, Energy Field or what is prority: clearing, balancing and harmonizing Energy's for your welling being at that point in time.​​

At A Distance

This service is frequently utilized by most of my clients these past few years during the pandemic. With our ever-changing world, I feel its essential to help those feel comfort in their own homes while receiving their session. Let me know if this fits your needs.

Distance Sessions - $165.00/hourly

A distance session can be done in the privacy of your own home or any place in the world over FaceTime/Zoom or a phone call. After your schedule with me, I will call you at your time of service. 

Moving To A New Location?

Another available service I provide are house clearings and blessings. These are fun! With this service, your home, office space, car or area will be reminded to function as it should, allowing the Energy to flow easier and feels more aligned with your own Energy. 

House Clearings and Blessings - $180.00/hourly

House clearings are scheduled on Sundays with a minimum of 2 hours. To prepare for a house and further information call 206-432-5124.

Classes for 2022

I'm also excited to offer in-person or distance classes over Zoom. Please call me if you are interested in taking classes listed in the menu tab or if you have a topics you choose to discuss with the Guides. I have set classes up with you in mind, to take whenever your schedule allows it or when you feel the desire to go deeper. See the Menu table for what's coming up in 2022 and for further questions, email me at, text or call at 206-432-5124.

Medium Sessions

Sometimes we may feel we haven't closed the chapter with our loved ones, pets or ancestors and still have questions. I now offer Mediumship sessions at Lake Stevens Energy Healing. During this session, I act as a bridge between the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions, aligning the Energy's for clearer communications.

Medium Sessions - 165.00/hourly

For questions and healing you have for your loved ones who have transitioned.